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There is a maximum of 8 characters on the Small Z-TAGZ and a max. of 9 characters on the Large Z-TAGZ.

Spaces and dots count as chacters.
The solid sterling silver Z-TAGZ used on our necklaces and bracelets are available in two sizes:
   Large (5/8" X12 ga) and
   Small (9/16" X 12 ga).
Order a Bead Chain Necklace
A name on the front with the date of birth (DOB) on the back is typical. Other things such as a name on the front and a pet's name on the back can be used. On the Order Form Name # indicates the Front and DOB # indicates the Back.
Order a Snake
Chain Necklace
Z-TAGZ are extra thick (12 Ga.) to allow for stamping on the front and back.

There is a slight difference between the Front and Back due to the process at the foundry. The Front edge has a bit of a bevel.
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Order a Leather Cord Necklace in Brown or Black
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