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Jewelry Care
Sunshine Polishing Cloth
This is the same polishing cloth that we use in the final step of polishing our jewelry. They do a remarkable job of removing light scratches or imperfections and tarnish.
We recommend them highly for all of your silver care needs.
Jewelry Care
Sterling Silver tarnishes naturally when exposed to air and other elements. 
Some of the things that can cause silver to tarnish are certain skin types, lotions and perfumes, hairspray, storing it improperly or especially exposing it to other tarnished jewelry. 
When you are not wearing your Z-TAGZ jewelry, store it in a jewelry box, or a sealed plastic bag away from all other jewelry.  Do not leave it on the dresser, table or in a drawer.
To keep your piece looking shiny and new, and also to keep tarnish from building up, you should periodically polish with a silver polishing cloth.  
Price each: $5.50
SunRay Jewelry Cleaner
We recommend this product for tarnished silver chains or heavily tarnished silver jewelry. Gentle enough for use with pearls.

We do not recommend soaking Z-TAGZ in this or any solution due to the risk of lightening the blackened lettering. For Z-TAGZ we recommend the Sunshine Polishing Cloth above.
Price each: $10.00
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