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Toggle Clasp 7.5" Sterling Silver Chain / One Large Z-TAG
You have selected a 7.5" toggle clasp braclet chain  with (1) large Z-Tag. 
Please complete the Z-Tag imprints for the front and back of the Z-Tag.
Because you selected the large Z-Tag, you are limited to a max of 9 char on each side. 
Typically, the First Name is on the front and the Date of Birth is on the back.  There is a difference between the front and back of the tags as the front has a more finished appearence due to the way the circles are cut at the foundry.
Birth dates are formated:
Month (1 or 2 char)
Day (1 or 2 char)
Year (2 char)
1.1.10 or 1.21.00 or 10.13.98
All letters are upper case and the font is simular to Ariel.
Name: DOB:

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